From Crazy Busy to Redemptively Focused

A guest post by Pastor Brandon Woodard

Why are we busier than ever but for many of us, more empty than we could imagine? Because we have bought into the lie that being crazy busy is the way of life. 

Enter Jesus. His interaction with the allure of the grind will give us hope for today. Here are 2 quick things we learned from Jesus’ ministry that can help us get off of the hamster wheel of being crazy busy to a place of restful redemptive focus. 

Never Chase the Allure of the Crowds

In Mark 1, Jesus’ ministry had taken off, and somehow amid the frenzy of ministry he ducked off to getaway. The disciples find Him and share with him that everyone in the crowd was looking for him. This was a turning point in his ministry; he could have stayed and allowed the adulation of the crowd to satisfy him, but he didn’t. He heft. Why? Because, Jesus didn’t need a crowd to affirm who he was, or ascribe to him the value that his father already gave to him. Matthew 3 tells us that before he did anything his father had already declared that he was pleased with him. This is the truth we need to grasp as followers. You are already loved, accepted, and valued. Your work doesn’t make God love you any more or any less. Maybe you’re crazy busy trying to prove your value when the Father declares He is well pleased with you because of what Jesus has done on your behalf! 

Fight for Margin

Jesus always had time to get away to be with the Father, and so should you. In a crazy busy world, our calendars are slaves to the moment. We must practice the lost art of being ruthless with our time! A priority we need is scheduled time to simply BE instead of being busy DOING. You are a human BEING, not a human DOING. It is in the margin-time that the Father gives restoration, gives rest, and opens our eyes to what He has. We then bask in His presence. Many are crazy busy doing things that God may have told you should have been shelved a while back, but you have been so busy you have not been able to hear from the Lord for direction. It was on the heels of a time of margin for Jesus that the scriptures tell us that He would set his face towards Jerusalem (Luke 9:51). 

A scheduled margin is a designated time in my schedule where I cut off all distractions. I spend time in silence, with my bible and journal. I read, reflect, pray, contemplate, and enjoy the stillness. 

You can continue to be a slave to the hamster wheel of Crazy Busy, or you can enter into the restful mission Jesus has for you! 

To hear the complete sermon series be sure to visit Reconcile Community Church’s website:  

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