Maybe We’re Crazy

Let me paint you a word-picture. My wife and I both have our degrees. Two, stable jobs with benefits. A rented living space that we don’t have to put extra money into because we just call the landlord. The Kids(TM) are in a great school and day-care. All of the bills are, guaranteed, to be paid…at some point in the month. And my stress levels aren’t too high.

So that’s why we are leaving that comfort in Dallas, Texas to do inner-city missions full time in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This all came to a head when my wife came home from a work conference and said, “LET’S MOVE TO CINCINNATI AND DO THE LORD’S WORK!”

*Obligatory* This is all paraphrasing and not exactly 100% because I know Christen will have her comment saying “actually Babe, this is what happened”

At first, I thought she was crazy but then I started to think about it.

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