Why “OH Sow”

In my mind, I’m usually thinking of labels, or plans, or visions. I don’t know if it is because I should have tried to go into marketing, or because I have an infatuation with Shark Tank, or because I enjoy connecting people and things. I’m very similar to Michael Scott from The Office. In an episode where he’s going to all the different offices to explain his sale technique, he talks about using mnemonic devices to remember the names of his clients. He then goes on to say out loud the mnemonic device that he uses for all the people in the room and they’re not flattering, to say the least.

“Baldy, your head is bald, it is hairless, it is shiny, it is reflective, like a mirror, M…your name is Mark.” That’s my mind. It goes from one place to another place to another and another. Which now leads us to why “OH Sow.”

I was listening to Air1, a Christian radio station that is through-out the States, and within the same set of stories the broadcaster used the phrase “oh so” multiple times

“Oh, so you like…”

“That was oh, so very brave…”

“Oh, so do you…”

I have even caught myself saying “oh so” multiple times in the past few weeks…then it hit me.

*train of thought*

Oh, well we’re moving to Ohio, the abbreviation is OH, and we’ll be in South Ohio could it be SO-OH like a play on words with SoHo like in New York? Nah people will look at that and say Sooh like ooh with an S in the front and that’s stupid…but we’ll be in South West Ohio which is where Cincinnati is and where we’re going, I could put a W on it for SOuthWest…oh wait Sow like sow seeds which is what we’re doing, we’re sowing the Word in Ohio…OH Sow and it’s Oh so crazy of us to leave our jobs and insurances and comfort…


You get the idea?

And that’s how OH Sow started…


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