The courses that we offer are as follows:


Introduction to Evangelism — E101

Students will receive training in how to properly define the Gospel and clearly articulate it to another. In this class students will cover the original sin, man’s depravity, God’s redemptive plan of salvation, and the substitutionary atonement through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is an interactive course that includes scripture memory, role play, and visual guides to help a believer share their faith with boldness every time.

Sharing Your Story — E201

This class will equip students to craft a succinct version of their personal testimony so that they are prepared to glorify God by retelling their own redemptive experience with Him. We will cover effective and creative ways to weave their personal life story into everyday conversations. Students will have the opportunity to sharpen their storytelling skills by sharing before the class.

Apologetics: Defending the Faith — E301

Students will learn how to accurately defend their faith using the word of God. Students will also learn timeless methods to reinforce the existence of God, creation, the authenticity of scripture and heaven and hell. Students will survey the tenants of various cults and learn how to counter these tenants using scripture.


Introduction to Discipleship: How to look like Christ — D101

Using Dr. Mark Bailey’s book “To Follow Him: The 7 Marks of a Disciple” students will learn what a true disciple of Christ looks like by studying what Jesus expects of His followers in detail. Students will be equipped with a comprehensive spiritual growth assessment that will help pinpoint areas in one’s life that need to be refined under the headship of our Lord.

Making Disciples: Answering Your Personal Call to be on Mission — D201

In this course, students will dive into the specifics of the Great Commission and learn how to take action by intentionally making disciples everywhere they go. Students will be challenged to personally pour into someone each year in a direct and effective way. Students will review resources to help them walk alongside new believers while strengthening their own faith in the process.

Bible Study Methods — D301

Sound doctrine is what undergirds the Christian life. In order to be a disciple and make disciples of others we must be lifelong learners of the Word of God. In this course, students will be equipped with skills, and resources that will allow them to deeply Observe the Word of God, accurately interpret the Word of God, and fully apply the Word of God to their own lives. Students will be provided with tips and tools to seek out answers to the difficult questions in scripture while providing them the opportunity to work together to properly exegete a text with their peers.

Special Courses

Unashamed Campaign: Evangelism and Discipleship for Youth

It’s never too early to learn how to effectively share your faith. This Course will empower young people to be unashamed of the Gospel and boldly speak the Word among their peers. This interactive course will incorporate scripture memory and role play to better equip each student to be on mission for the Lord.